Redesigning a harmonized, loyalty-building onboarding experience

Sector: Retail Duration: 4 months Year: 2023 A preliminary audit of the employee experience at this retail customer identified onboarding as a critical moment in the employee career path. In the network, 1 in 4 employees leave within their first 3 months. Due to a lack of harmonization from one department to another and the […]

Manage work-study placements in real time by linking B2B and B2C data systems


Sector: Education Duration: 6 months Year: 2024 This French education player, with its extensive ecosystem, currently has two different CRMs: one for B2B and the other for B2C, which do not communicate with each other. It’s difficult to make the link between work-study students’ placement requests and the companies they approach. Without visibility on both […]

Automate and extend the scope of competitive intelligence using artificial intelligence


Sector: Telecommunications Duration: 3 months Year: 2023 As an alternative player in the telecoms market and a subsidiary of a major group, we have to keep a constant eye on our ultra-competitive market and all our competitors’ offerings. However, the daily monitoring of updates and offer launches is a time-consuming, tedious process, with little added […]

Redesigning an impactful, loyalty-building employee experience

Redesigning the employee experience

Sector: Retail Duration: 4 months Year: 2022 With over 2,000 employees divided between head office and stores, this French leader in the distribution of sneakers and lifestyle accessories is facing new challenges in terms of employee experience: recruitment, remuneration model, employee commitment and loyalty, workspace management… The Human Resources Department is looking to carry out […]

Turning customer events into commitment drivers

Organizing an engaging convention

Sector: Health Duration: 4 months Year: 2022 This laboratory produces numerous events for healthcare professionals. In a post-Covid context, the Customer Experience teams are looking to measure the impact of these collective events: participation rates, interest in event themes, participant satisfaction, professional partnerships generated… As the event industry has been shaken up by the growing […]

Engage and retain alumni through an enriched, personalized experience.

Case study on the alumnis experience.

Sector: Education Duration: 8 months Year: 2023 This French grouping of schools is backed by a network of over 80,000 alumni from its schools and training centers, and aims to enhance the experience of its members by ensuring continuity between studies and professional life. This customer wanted to design an ambitious alumni program, harmonized across […]