Consulting and design of customer and employee experiences to enhance performance

We are an experience consulting firm, advising organizations on the design, testing and implementation of new customer and employee experiences in a digital world, to enhance change and deliver more value.
Baker Park Consulting combines capabilities across the entire experience value chain: internal and external consumer insight, data analysis, design thinking, prototyping, testing and implementation, measurement and dashboarding.

Your issues

How to think about an end-to-end experience in a siloed organization?

How to choose, integrate and optimize the use of the right tools to enhance performance?

How to build a differentiating customer and employee experience?

How to embody your employer brand throughout the employee experience?

How to measure the impact of actions to improve customer and employee experience?

How to put experience at the heart of the roadmap for 100% of your employees?

How to engage employees around a new customer experience?

Our commitments

From indicators to satisfaction

At the heart of our approach lies our commitment to transcend mere indicators to fully embrace both customer and employee satisfaction. Our vision is clear: to put people at the center of everything we do, by deeply understanding their needs and working as agents of change to continually improve experiences.

Every aspect of our strategy is meticulously designed to converge towards a common goal: optimizing satisfaction. We are convinced that the key to success lies in creating experiences that meet expectations and exceed aspirations. Our global approach highlights the importance of every interaction, every detail, in building a relationship of trust and loyalty.

Our consulting firm embodies an approach deeply rooted in the values of people, experience and satisfaction. We are committed to being catalysts of change, shaping a world where every interaction is marked by empathy, understanding and shared success. Our mission is to create experiences that mark, inspire and leave a lasting impression, always putting people at the heart of everything we do. Join us on this adventure towards excellence in customer and employee experience.

Experience to enhance performance

Although often neglected as a vector of performance, one of our strongest commitments is to place experience at the service of success. We strive to rework and optimize every stage of the customer and employee experience, adopting a resolutely performance-oriented approach.

As part of this approach, we make a point of accurately identifying key business indicators, to ensure that each experience improvement initiative contributes directly to the achievement of business objectives. Moreover, we fully understand the importance of involving all stakeholders in this process.

Convincing and aligning all teams on the project is essential to guarantee tangible benefits. That’s why we strive to establish an open, collaborative dialogue with all the players involved. By working together as agents of change, we are able to create innovative experiences that drive performance and stimulate growth.

Experience, powered by Data and AI

In our approach, we fully integrate Data and AI to enrich and optimize every aspect of the experience. At the heart of our methodology is meticulous data collection, both quantitative and qualitative, which enables us to dive deep into the needs and preferences of our customers and their employees. This data is meticulously processed and analyzed by our specially trained teams, guaranteeing precise, actionable insights.

Thanks to this approach, we’re able to make informed decisions based on tangible evidence rather than intuition. Data thus becomes the driving force behind our approach, enabling us to optimize every interaction and every process for an optimal experience. Efficiency and performance are at the heart of our concerns, and we strive to translate this data into concrete actions that generate added value for our customers.

With an ongoing commitment to innovation and progress, we use the power of Data and AI to shape exceptional experiences that exceed expectations. By fueling the experience with relevant data and taking a results-driven approach, we help our customers achieve their goals and stand out in an ever-changing competitive environment.

Our approach


Understand and map the customer’s needs and objectives, and the company’s efforts to produce your experience.


Prototype target experience’s attributes by developing measurable prototypes to engage and excite stakeholders and get them moving, with a co-constructed experience-centric roadmap.


Scale up and develop performance by implementing the new experience at the heart of your organization and your data and tech ecosystem.

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