Redesigning a harmonized, loyalty-building onboarding experience

A preliminary audit of the employee experience at this retail customer identified onboarding as a critical moment in the employee career path. In the network, 1 in 4 employees leave within their first 3 months. Due to a lack of harmonization from one department to another and the absence of guidelines, the onboarding process appears to be poorly structured for both business teams and new recruits. As a result, there are significant costs and performance shortfalls.

Project challenges

  • Understand and map the onboarding process in detail, and identify irritants
  • Formalize a consistent, efficient onboarding process that reinforces the loyalty of new employees from the moment they take up their positions
  • Rationalize resources by limiting human effort on repetitive and/or administrative tasks, but prioritizing it on crucial stages.
  • Design a specific onboarding program for managers, including an immersion phase in the field and an introduction to the brand’s managerial principles.

Baker Park methodology


Auditing the existing onboarding process (stakeholders, organization, tools, etc.) and employee perceptions

  • Business interviews with HR and IS managers of onboarding experience bricks, on their expectations, future projects and deployments, and business constraints.
  • Interviews with recent arrivals about their onboarding experience, love points, pain points and shortcomings.
  • Construction of a V0 of the target onboarding experience based on internal and external exchanges


Test and validate the target onboarding experience with employees

  • Iteration workshops on V0 and validation of the target experience for head office employees and the target experience for network employees.
  • Presentation and role-playing of target experience scenarios with employees interviewed in “user test” mode.
  • Presentation of the selected scenarios, with their advantages and disadvantages according to our expertise, to the CODIR and choice of a preferred scenario.


Key figures


partnership created between the brand and a digital player in employee experience


user testing of the new employee experience

Benefits for stakeholders

For employees

  • An enhanced experience, from the onboarding process right through to leaving the company
  • A more serene and better organized welcome that generates more trust in the first moments with the brand
  • Improved social integration within departments, allowing for more fluid exchanges with other employees

For the HR team

  • A clearer, more focused onboarding process, easier to communicate and apply
  • Automation of tasks to reduce effort for each new recruit
  • Improved retention leads to lower recruitment efforts

For head office and network

  • A reduction in staff turnover over the medium and long term and recruitment efforts
  • Increased employee commitment to the values conveyed by the employer brand
  • Ensure that all company employees share and adhere to the brand’s values and narrative.