Putting training at the heart of change management

Baker Skills helps you adapt your teams and organizations to the multiple transformations underway. Our training methods are based on multimodal devices (video, e-learning, virtual classrooms or classroom training). We’ll measure their performance on your structure.

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How to train my employees in AI ?

How to train my teams in employee/customer experience?

How to engage trainees through storytelling and gamification?

How to transform experiences thanks to the knowledge you've acquired?

How to measure the operational impact of training courses?

How to select the right learning technologies for your environment?

Our commitments

Train and impact

The heart of our mission lies in training and its transformative impact. We firmly believe that to ensure effective training, it is essential to stimulate trainee motivation. Motivation is a key factor in generating genuine interest and promoting optimal knowledge retention. Our approach is based on the expert fusion of the three fundamental pillars of knowledge, know-how and interpersonal skills. We also act as a catalyst for positive impact.

For us, training goes far beyond the simple transmission of data. Rather, it’s an invitation to explore and master a set of skills, a dynamic process in which knowledge is integrated in a practical, concrete way. Our methodology aims to create captivating learning experiences, anchoring knowledge at the most opportune moment to ensure practical application.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our approach. We act as learning facilitators, shaping the skills needed to excel in a variety of professional contexts. This mission also includes upskilling teams on topics essential to the development of their profession. We are convinced that our training courses create value and have a real impact on employees’ careers, equipping them with the skills they need to thrive in a constantly changing business environment. With our commitment to training and impact, we shape a training pathway that aims to develop sustainable skills and train professionals ready to take on any challenge, while generating tangible value for companies and their employees.

Manage and measure

At the heart of our strategic approach lies management and measurement, forming the foundation of our approach. A thorough understanding of your needs is the first essential step in our methodology. We strive to design relevant and effective training courses, closely aligning our interventions with your specific skills objectives.

We implement sophisticated mechanisms to measure the effectiveness of our programs. Our dashboards include both internal and external indicators, providing a comprehensive view of the impact of our training courses. Going beyond simple satisfaction, our approach to management and measurement involves a detailed analysis of the results obtained, the skills developed and the tangible spin-offs. We’re committed to ensuring that each training program is precisely tailored to your specific needs, and that its impact is measurable, tangible and aligned with your organizational objectives. Thanks to our approach based on monitoring and measurement, we transform data into actionable insights to continually reinforce the effectiveness of our training courses and their impact on your businesses and teams.

Experts surrounded by experts

At the heart of our approach lies our firm resolve to offer you high-quality advice and to build high-value training courses, with experts surrounded by experts. We’re dedicated to putting you in touch with the best professionals in the field, who bring their expertise to bear on tailoring programs to your specific needs.

Our team includes educational engineers and trainers with in-depth experience of your sector and a precise understanding of your issues. These experts, imbued with know-how and interpersonal skills, work closely together to design training courses that meet your expectations. We firmly believe that the interaction between specialized experts and a highly qualified teaching team generates a powerful synergy, creating high-quality training programs.

Our commitment to experts surrounded by experts ensures that every aspect of our programs benefits from in-depth expertise. We believe in providing sound advice throughout the process, from conception to implementation. With our exceptional team, we are ready to meet your specific challenges and develop customized training solutions that will propel your teams to excellence.

Tooling and measuring

In the field of training, we stand out for our ability to provide effective tools and measurements. Our teams, accustomed to managing change management projects, have advanced expertise in implementing innovative solutions. Our global approach to IT solutions reflects our in-depth knowledge of this dynamic ecosystem.

At the heart of our approach is the desire to select the ideal tool, customized to meet your precise needs. Whether you need to anchor operational changes, strategically disseminate crucial information or steer your strategy, our in-depth understanding of the IT ecosystem enables us to identify and integrate the most appropriate solutions at every stage of your journey.

Our expertise in tooling and measurement goes beyond simple tool selection. It encompasses an in-depth understanding of the challenges of change management and how innovations can be optimally deployed. As a training organization, we bring unique added value, combining technical skills, industry experience and an understanding of organizational challenges.

In short, our commitment to tooling and measurement reflects a multi-faceted expertise. We provide you with solid know-how, a flexible approach to IT solutions and in-depth knowledge of the ecosystem, to guarantee concrete results and effective optimization of your training strategy.

Our approach


Identify the organization’s needs and acculturate the top management on issues related to training and the transformation of team skills.


Initiate training in priority areas to generate quick wins and engage teams


A comprehensive, multi-modal approach to training for all professions. Collect all feedback to identify areas for improvement and best practices

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