AI will affect all businesses and become a differentiating performance factor, so it’s important to integrate it now.

Activate AI in your organization

What you'll learn:

Acquired skills:

3 ways to activate artificial intelligence in your organization

A comprehensive package to develop an AI vision and strategy, integrate AI into your business processes and acculturate your entire structure to AI :

  • COMEX (Transforming AI into competitive advantage: Assessing strategic challenges and leveraging AI)
  • Managers (Implementing and promoting AI)
  • all employees (understand the fundamentals of AI and how it can improve personal effectiveness)

Prerequisites: None

Duration: variable

Price: please contact us

Turning AI into a competitive advantage CODIR Artificial intelligence training program


  • Understanding the fundamentals of artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Assessing the strategic challenges posed by AI
  • Provide the weapons to turn AI into a competitive advantage rather than a threat



Objective initiate a dynamic / ensure mastery of the basics basics the basics of AI / put into perspective the AI adventure

Format Breakfast debate

SESSION #2: talking to AI leaders

Format conference-debate with one or more leaders

SESSION #3:In the application factory

Format : learning expedition in the ecosystem

SESSION #4 : wrap-up & projection

Format Workshop / design thinking


  • Understand the challenges of AI in your industry
  • Analyze current initiatives
  • Projecting the challenges and the need to evolve
  • Enabling PoC adoption within the organization
  • Getting to grips with AI tools


  • Assessment of the department’s readiness to accept change and integrate AI.
  • Face-to-face training with exchange time (e-learning possible if economically viable)
  • Management of the program to create the first internal use cases (POC)


  • Trend review by our experts
  • Business training on AI
  • Change management training
  • Presentation of identified use cases
  • Feedback on current PoCs (use cases) within the business line
  • Use of Chat GPT, Dall-E,… within each business line by our expert consultants
  • Accompanying change
  • Automating tasks with AI
  • Planned developments to tools already in use

Training objectives

  • Develop a basic understanding of AI
  • Projecting use cases
    Improve your personal effectiveness

Training program

  • Definitions and basic concepts of artificial intelligence.
  • Understanding the basic components of AI: algorithms, models and data.
  • Overview of players and main applications, use of CoPilot and prompting techniques
  • Regulatory, ethical and cyber security issues
  • Impact on content production: automation of production and post-production, use of AI for content generation.

Training-Action on jobs and artificial intelligence :

  • AI fundamentals (1 day)
  • The basics of AI for monitoring sales
  • Marketing Effectiveness in the Age of Artificial Intelligence
  • AI for training
  • AI in the service of law
  • AI at the service of the events industry
  • AI for webmarketing

Training-Action on change management :

  • Driving change
  • Better knowledge for better management
  • Managing complex situations
  • Better communication for better collaboration
  • Develop your professional effectiveness
  • Developing assertiveness
  • Project management

Our approach to the impact of artificial intelligence on businesses

Impact IA sur les métiers

Source: AI The Greatest Change in History by Kai-Fu Lee, 2019

Other information

Training methods: Synchronous, face-to-face or distance learning

Teaching method: Theoretical input and practical exercises, discussion and debate, action plan

Evaluation method: pre-training questionnaire, satisfaction questionnaire and end-of-training validation quiz.
Follow-up and support: e-mail assistance and feedback one month later

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