Human experience fueled by data and AI

We are convinced that the future performance of companies will come from the fine-tuned mastery of their customer and employee experience, while respecting their DNA. Considering the rapid transformation underway, notably with AI, success will come from a masterful combination of Human and technology, at the service of the customer and the employee.
We have built Baker Park to support companies at every stage of this transformation with:

  • Baker Park Consulting : Experience strategy consulting
  • Baker Lab : Innovation and experience prototyping
  • Baker Skills : Upskilling your experience contributors
  • Baker Live : Employee and customer engagement.

Why Baker Park?

The rise of digital technology and the recent health crisis have heightened customer and employee expectations of the entire corporate experience. This digital acceleration is leading to a standardization of the tools and platforms we use, and therefore of brand experiences.

At Baker Park, we believe that individuals and organizations can reach their full potential by understanding and building on their own uniqueness.

Our values


Our approach is based on the profound conviction that people are at the heart of all success. We make a point of understanding the needs, expectations and motivations of our customers and their employees. By putting people at the heart of our methodologies, we aim to optimize every offline and online experience to create meaningful and lasting interactions.

Change agents

In constantly changing environments, we are agents of change, determined to guide our customers into the future with bold, innovative recommendations. We are committed to challenging the status quo, pushing boundaries and creating lasting impact in every project we undertake.

Data & Tech friendly

We are deeply rooted in the age of data and technology. Our decisions and recommendations are underpinned by tangible qualitative and quantitative data, enabling us to propose effective and appropriate solutions. By remaining tool agnostic, we ensure that we are flexible and responsive to our customers’ specific needs, while exploring the possibilities offered by AI and other emerging technologies.

They are behind Baker Park...


CEO & Founding Partner

Formerly marketing & digital director in the telecoms sector in France and abroad, Sébastien Lery has a pragmatic view of the operational implications of a change of strategy.

Julie Hazan

COO & Founding Partner

After running a communications agency and taking part in several entrepreneurial adventures, Julie Hazan is an expert in organizing live experiences for major corporations.

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