Our case studies

Find out how our approach to customer and employee experience design has helped our partners succeed. 

Through our case studies, we share how our tailor-made solutions, combined with rigorous KPI monitoring, have helped improve our customers’ performance. From personalized support to optimizing results, explore how we’ve worked with different companies to help them achieve their goals.

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case studies

Redesigning a harmonized, loyalty-building onboarding experience

Designate an employee engagement event at a key moment in the company’s scale-up process

Manage work-study placements in real time by linking B2B and B2C data systems

Create a disruptive, fun Metaverse experience to encourage purchase during a product launch.

Automate and extend the scope of competitive intelligence using artificial intelligence

Redesigning an impactful, loyalty-building employee experience

With over 2,000 employees working in its head office and boutiques, this leading French retailer of sneakers and lifestyle accessories is facing new challenges in terms of employee experience…

Turning customer events into commitment drivers

This laboratory produces numerous events for healthcare professionals. In a post-Covid context, the Customer Experience teams are looking to measure the impact of these collective times…

Engage and retain alumni through an enriched, personalized experience.

This French grouping of schools is backed by a network of over 80,000 alumni from its schools and training centers, and aims to enhance the experience of its members by ensuring continuity between studies and professional life…