Create a disruptive, fun Metaverse experience to encourage purchase during a product launch.

This immersive experience in the colorful, pop universe of this American-born make-up brand, renowned worldwide for its eyebrow products, was the first of its kind. To mark the launch of a new product, the brand wanted to organize a fun, disruptive 360° campaign to increase engagement, awareness and preference, and boost sales in 4 countries.

Customers were invited to discover the virtual eyebrow bar, the disco inspired by the campaign’s key visual, and to sway with their favorite influencers, for the first time in the Metaverse, where beauty masterclasses were organized, including make-up tutorials and meet-and-greets.

Project challenges

  • Deploy an innovative, personalized and branded prospect and customer experience
  • Reach new customers on new digital channels to improve sales
  • Re-engage existing customers and convince them to try new products in the range
  • Establish a solid position in the new digital channel of the Metaverse

Baker Park methodology


Co-construction of the target customer journey

  • Discussions with the trades and interviews
  • Exchanges with potential customers
  • Mapping the target customer journey


Production start-up and solution animation

  • Technical deployment of the website and space in the Métaverse
  • Site tests and space recipe
  • Media campaign and partnerships with major players in the Metaverse to promote the experience


Measuring the impact of the new experience

  • Real-time tracking of platform and metaverse usage data

Key figures

300 000

visitors to the website


visitors came to groove in the disco room


experiment completion

Benefits for stakeholders

For the marketing team

  • Create a buzz around the product launch with an exclusive experience in the Metaverse
  • Use the Metaverse to organize e-influence campaigns

For the Sales team

  • Better understand the origin and profile of website visitors
  • Improve sales by encouraging purchase of the product via a link to the e-shop

For customers

  • Enjoy a fun and original experience
  • Test new products for free before you buy them
  • Meet influencers and online personalities