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Our ROI-focused approach goes beyond traditional events, placing your event at the service of the organization as a whole and not just a department, maximizing business and HR opportunities.

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How to integrate an event into your B2B strategy?

How to measure the business effectiveness of an event?

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How to turn a seminar into a lever for value creation?

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An event for the organization, not just a department

We firmly believe that every event is more than just an opportunity to bring teams together or promote a brand image. Our innovative and differentiating approach puts the event at the service of the organization as a whole, transcending departmental boundaries often limited to marketing and communication. Baker Live stands out for its insistence on involving and objectifying the whole company. We aim to create events that are fully integrated into the company’s overall strategy, defining long-term strategies rather than designing one-off events. Data is central to our approach. We use in-depth analysis to define concrete objectives, measure the impact of each event, and adjust our strategies in real time. This approach guarantees a strategic and performance-oriented approach, maximizing conversion and strengthening team dynamics. When you choose Baker Live, you benefit from operational excellence, a premium approach and effective delegation. We implement initiatives that exceed expectations, demonstrating our commitment to your company’s success. Teaming up with us ensures that every event makes a significant contribution to your organization’s overall performance, while benefiting from a differentiated approach geared to long-term success.

Measurement and technology for your events

Our deep conviction lies in the essential role of Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in optimizing the performance of every event we orchestrate, whether it is for your customers or your employees. We distinguish ourselves by integrating data in a differentiating way at every stage of our process, placing performance at the heart of our decisions.

Our agency stands out for its ability to make strategic use of data. Our highly-qualified teams are trained to analyze available information in depth, identifying strengths and areas for improvement in order to draw up a perfectly-adapted event strategy. Every decision is guided by the need for performance, aimed at surpassing the objectives initially set.

Another aspect that sets us apart is the integration of AI into our approach. Our teams are trained to use AI as an assistant, increasing productivity and going beyond conventional limits. We go one step further by offering dedicated expertise in integrating artificial intelligence into your business, optimizing operational efficiency and exploring new opportunities.

Throughout our collaboration, performance is our compass. Each event is not an end in itself, but a crucial step in our quest for excellence. Data and AI act as catalysts to ensure that every decision, every logistical detail and every interaction makes a significant contribution to achieving jointly agreed performance targets.

By choosing us as a partner for your events, you’re opting for a differentiating approach focused on performance, data and AI. We are committed to exceeding expectations, creating premium experiences for your customers and collaborators, and managing every event with excellence. Working with us means guaranteeing that every event becomes a catalyst for success, guided by exacting standards and the constant quest for excellence.

Identify all the levers of success

Our third commitment is based on the meticulous identification of all the levers of success, affirming our determination to make every event we organize a real success, whether for your customers or your employees. Baker Live stands out for its in-depth understanding of the key factors that contribute to the success of an event, transcending traditional levers to offer a truly differentiating and high-performance experience.

Our team is united by a single goal: to turn every event into a memorable success. To achieve this, we identify and optimize several levers, such as internal and external communication, the involvement of the appropriate teams, the strategic choice of location, and the establishment of a precise retroplanning. Each of these elements is carefully considered in our approach, ensuring meticulous planning and impeccable execution.

Co-construction is in our DNA. We firmly believe in close communication with your company throughout the process. This collaborative approach ensures that every detail of the event is aligned with your strategic objectives, optimizing performance and conversion.

Our agility is another differentiating feature. We’re ready to adapt in real time, seizing opportunities as they arise to maximize the event’s impact. This agility, combined with our unwavering commitment to quality, ensures that every event is exceptional and perfectly meets the expectations of your customers and collaborators.

When you choose our events agency, you’re choosing more than just an organization. You choose a team dedicated to performance, innovation and the achievement of unforgettable successes. We’re committed to going beyond the traditional levers of success, adding premium value to every event, and delegating with excellence so you can focus on what’s important. Teaming up with us means ensuring that every event becomes a strategic lever for your company’s success.

Monitor your carbon footprint

All too often, responsibility and sustainability issues are forgotten when organizing events. However, Baker Live stands out for its deep commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), placing sustainability at the heart of every event we organize. Our distinctive approach fully integrates environmental and social issues into the planning and execution of every project.

We take a global view of today’s issues, seeking to minimize environmental impact while promoting socially responsible initiatives. Our rigorous selection of responsible partners reflects our commitment to sustainable practices, ensuring that every stage of the event is aligned with ethical and responsible values.

The construction of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) dedicated to assessing the responsibility of the event is a differentiating approach for our agency. We use data strategically to objectively measure the environmental and social aspects of each event. These KPIs are not simply measurements, but concrete indicators of our commitment to responsible performance.

Our CSR commitment does not stop at measurement, but extends to the continuous identification of areas for improvement. We are constantly on the lookout for new initiatives and best practices to strengthen our positive impact on society and the environment.

By selecting Baker Live, you choose an approach that transcends traditional logistical considerations. We are committed to demonstrating that performance and social responsibility can coexist harmoniously. Teaming up with us means ensuring that every event we organize is not only operationally memorable, but also conveys sustainable and socially responsible values.

Our approach


Before the event, understand and co-construct the needs and challenges of the event, identify and mobilize key teams while defining success indicators.


During the event, organize and ensure the smooth running of the event while capturing the interest and commitment of the teams, and collecting all the data.


Extend the impact of the event through social networking communications and exploit the business and HR opportunities generated during the event.

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