Organizing an engaging convention

Turning customer events into commitment drivers

This laboratory produces numerous events for healthcare professionals. In a post-Covid context, the Customer Experience teams are looking to measure the impact of these collective events: participation rates, interest in event themes, participant satisfaction, professional partnerships generated…
As the event industry has been shaken up by the growing presence of digital devices and hybrid formats, this customer is also looking to integrate omnichannelity into the construction of these experiences.

Project challenges

  • Create a common frame of reference for collective time for business units, aligned with corporate objectives and customer paths.
  • Launch a dynamic exchange system to centralize best practices and innovations, in order to disseminate good ideas and unify practices across business units.
  • Develop a common culture for measuring both the ROI of group time and the commitment of healthcare professionals.
  • Create a framework for innovation by adapting to different formats (face-to-face, digital, hybrid) while taking advantage of new technologies (AI, VR, immersive 3D world).

Baker Park methodology


Analyze the existing situation and build on it an experience grid Collective Time

  • Interviews with the various BUs involved in the construction of group sessions
  • Mapping of target CT pathway for healthcare professionals (pre-CT, D-Day, post-CT)
  • Synthesis and formalization of a V0 experience grid in business vision


Co-construct and exchange with the project team to validate the target experience

  • Ideation workshop with stakeholders (management and businesses) to validate the experience grid
  • Restitution of the experience grid validated by type of collective time on Looker Studio


Develop a common toolbox and framework of experience to engage business units

  • Building a “toolbox” of best practices: progressive commitment by each BU, impact measurement, organization, continuous improvement…
  • Restitution of the toolbox and publication on a dedicated mini-site shared with business units

Key figures


subjects identified for the production of collective time slots following analysis of the existing situation (business interviews and analysis of documentation)


common toolbox created for all BUs to create their events


visits to the trades mini-site in the first few weeks

Benefits for stakeholders

For healthcare professionals

  • Take advantage of an itinerary aligned with their needs before, during and after group time
  • Benefit from personalized, relevant support

For Business Units

  • To have a common and homogeneous grid of experience as a reference to build collective times in the right direction.
  • Benefit from the best practices of other business units and share your own in a spirit of collective emulation.
  • Be inspired by the collective time innovation framework, which references all current trends

For the headquarters

  • Develop centralized guidelines to ensure a consistent collective time experience in line with corporate objectives
  • Create an exchange dynamic to centralize best practices/innovations and foster synergies between OBPs along the way.
  • Develop a common culture for measuring the ROI (commitment metrics) of group times