Automate and extend the scope of competitive intelligence using artificial intelligence

As an alternative player in the telecoms market and a subsidiary of a major group, we have to keep a constant eye on our ultra-competitive market and all our competitors’ offerings. However, the daily monitoring of updates and offer launches is a time-consuming, tedious process, with little added value for employees. This customer wanted to respond to the need for instantaneous information on the competition and the market, while at the same time relieving the teams in charge of monitoring and broadening their scope.

Project challenges

  • Increase the productivity of employees in charge of competitive intelligence, freeing up more time for high value-added tasks
  • Extend the scope of your competitive intelligence research to better understand your market
  • Cross-referencing with internal churn data to better understand customer and lead trends
  • Real-time market information that can be turned into strategic and business actions

Baker Park methodology


Understanding needs, irritants, relevant competitor sites, internal data to be cross-referenced and identification of competing social networks used for commercial purposes

  • Targeting 18 competitors and sourcing their various offers
  • Identification of relevant internal data and data sources: PNM (mobile digital portability), which is similar to a churn rate.
  • Audit of the use of social networks for commercial purposes in the telecoms market, and identification of interesting KPis and networks to monitor


Automate site scrapping and dashboarding

  • Scrapping of various sites, social networks and in-house data
  • Identification and validation of target dashboard in customer workshop
  • Providing and updating scrapped data in the dashboard


To study the scaling-up of this PoC and possible improvements to be made

  • Feedback at M+1

Key figures


FTE (Full-Time Equivalent) saved


scrapped competitor sites


tracked social networks

Benefits for stakeholders

For employees in charge of monitoring

  • More time to devote to higher value-added tasks
  • Learn new, more qualitative ways of keeping watch
  • Gain a better understanding of the market and the brand’s competitors

For marketing teams

  • Gain a better understanding of customers and churn patterns
  • Real-time market information for strategic or business decisions
  • Quickly identify major trends thanks to first-level analysis provided by artificial intelligence

For customer service teams

  • A basic knowledge of market offerings and analysis of competitive trends
  • Gaining flexibility in the construction of sales pitches in response to new offers launched by competitors
  • Reduce churn and improve individual and collective results