Manage work-study placements in real time by linking B2B and B2C data systems

This French education player, with its extensive ecosystem, currently has two different CRMs: one for B2B and the other for B2C, which do not communicate with each other. It’s difficult to make the link between work-study students’ placement requests and the companies they approach. Without visibility on both sides, the process leads to frustration on the part of the trainees who can’t find a company that meets their criteria, and incomprehension on the part of the sales people who do meet their objectives.

Project challenges

  • Improve the commercial transformation of prospects into new learners
  • Reconciling the challenges of different internal stakeholders to achieve common goals
  • Produce a simplified, personalized and loyalty-building prospect experience
  • Harmonize and streamline regional and national processes

Baker Park methodology


Gathering requirements from the business to determine needs, KPIs and better understand data governance

  • Conduct individual interviews with key stakeholders on the various campuses
  • Organization of a collaborative workshop to define and prioritize KPIs according to strategic needs
  • Organization of an alignment workshop on vision, KPIs and governance


Data structure modeling to conceptualize a realistic BI model

  • Organization of a workshop to express your data needs and familiarize yourself with existing tools (Data Lake in particular).
  • Modeling and writing a data dictionary
  • Workshops to validate data structure and BI tool mock-up


Production of a decision-making dashboard and support for changeover teams

  • Dashboard production, acceptance testing and user testing to achieve ambitions
  • Tool impact workshop with CRM teams and drafting of user guides
  • Training and change management workshop for BtoB and BtoC teams

Key figures


identified business use cases


streamlined, linked data typologies


business and technical profiles surveyed

Benefits for stakeholders

For BtoB and BtoC teams

  • Use a placement monitoring tool to ensure alignment of BtoC activity with placement objectives and BtoB sales efforts.
  • Follow harmonized processes between the different teams involved in prospect placement
  • Align and synchronize sales efforts with placement targets and BtoC inventory

For the placement team

  • A placement management tool that integrates both B2B and B2C activity monitoring, improving decision-making and the definition and monitoring of placement objectives.
  • Benefit from nationally harmonized investment processes
  • Facilitate communication with BtoB and BtoC divisions by launching the right alerts at the right time

For prospects and new learners

  • Receive personalized offers tailored to your profile, skills and location
  • A streamlined, simplified learning experience