Redesigning the employee experience

Redesigning an impactful, loyalty-building employee experience

With over 2,000 employees divided between head office and stores, this French leader in the distribution of sneakers and lifestyle accessories is facing new challenges in terms of employee experience: recruitment, remuneration model, employee commitment and loyalty, workspace management… The Human Resources Department is looking to carry out a transformation project aimed at understanding the employee experience produced, defining the target and redesigning the experience accordingly.

Project challenges

  • Understand employees’ experience of the different stages of their journey, including irritants, and the effort made by business teams to deliver this experience.
  • Understand which business opportunities should be prioritized in view of the effort involved and the impact felt in the production of the employee experience.
  • Define a clear path to success and fulfillment for employees, supporting their progress through training, internal mobility and good management.
  • Build employee loyalty and commitment in order to limit high staff turnover, particularly in the network’s store teams.

Baker Park methodology


Understand and map the employee experience, as well as the business effort involved in producing and delivering it.

  • Interviews with the HR department and management, followed by employee interviews with targets at head office and in the retail network.
  • Analysis of existing employee data (seniority metrics, turnover, churn, training, changes, etc.) and the tech ecosystem (systems, software and applications).
  • Development of an opportunity matrix to improve the employee experience
    followed by a workshop to prioritize and rate opportunities with the HR team


Co-construct a target employee experience, based on prioritized opportunities

  • Creation of a roadmap for 2023, with prioritized employee experience projects.
  • Workshops to co-construct the identity of the HR transformation project: name, avatar, logo, motion design video…
  • Project presentation and community building through monthly newsletters to all employees


Implement one of the roadmap projects: revise the compensation model to limit pay disparities and promote employee retention.

  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis of the compensation situation at head office and in the retail network
  • Qualitative survey of employees to understand their vision of the compensation system and areas for improvement
  • Proposal of several scenarios for restructuring the variable and fixed components, based on quantitative data, and support in deploying the chosen scenario.

Key figures


projects identified with teams to overhaul the employee experience


interviews with distribution network head office staff


of commitment survey respondents would recommend their employer

Benefits for stakeholders

For employees

  • An improved experience from the onboarding process right through to departure from the company
  • A rewarding, loyalty-building path to success, including training, internal mobility, management…
  • Fairer, more rewarding remuneration that builds loyalty

For the HR team

  • Business processes clarified and requiring the right level of effort according to impact
  • A clearer, fairer remuneration scale that facilitates exchanges and negotiations
  • Identification of irritants through an employee viewpoint study

For the headquarters

  • Greater employee commitment, reinforced by a reworked remuneration package
  • A reduction in staff turnover over the medium and long term, both at head office and in the retail network.
  • An employer brand strengthened by the transformation project