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live employee experience

Create and produce live experiences to accelerate employee engagement (seminars, annual engagement programs) with a data driven approach

Live customer experience

Create and produce live experiences to accelerate customer engagement and lead generation (customized B2B events, exhibitions)

CX Dashboarding

Create customized dashboards to understand the performance of your omnichannel experiences and test alternative paths

CX testing and measure in real life

Understand the flow of customer interactions with a physical environment (trade shows, retail), A/B testing of alternatives to optimize the performance of sales areas and staff.

CX prototyping in real life

Prototype and measure in vivo priority experimental steps for optimization and validation before deployment

CX task force

Define and lead internal task forces to redesign and continuously improve customer and employee experiences

CX data architecture mapping & optimization

Build the data architecture necessary to drive the experience to feed the IS roadmap and the implementation in the data ecosystem

CX design workshops

Create a common vision of the target customer experience on the digital, human and spatial dimensions, based on customer needs and analysis of the current experience

CX Organization reshaping & training

Analyze and recommend organizational and process changes to enable new experiences

CX business case

Analyze and understand the return on investment of current and projected experiments (Opex, Capex, HR)

User research

Conduct face-to-face or group customer interviews to understand their needs and objectives in the realization and use of a product or service, as well as the creation of personas

Performance analysis & forecast

Analyze the qualitative and quantitative performance produced by the experiences in the company (volume, value, commitment)

Customer effort score mapping & analysis

Capture and measure the underlying incentives and efforts of teams to produce the experience

Company effort score mapping & analysis

Capture and measure customer needs and efforts generated by each stage of your experience to define design and improvement priorities

CX gate-keeping

Create customer experience guidelines specific to your company in order to create a governance system to align and improve the customer experience

Executive board CX coaching

Carry out alignment and coaching sessions for management teams to create a culture and a common definition of CX in the company