Developing digital prototypes based on AI

Baker Lab was born out of our desire to make the testing of new digital technologies accessible to organizations, helping to boost efficiency and restore value to employees’ time. 

Your issues

How to integrate Artificial Intelligence into your organization's processes?

How to test Artificial Intelligence on a small scale and capitalize on initial quick-wins?

How do you get your teams on board with AI to improve business performance?

How to scale up the integration of artificial intelligence within your teams?

Our commitments

Design and integration of our prototypes into your overall experience

Our teams focus on the design and integration of prototypes into your overall experience. We start the process with a detailed mapping and in-depth analysis of the tools you currently use. This stage enables us to understand your existing technological environment and identify opportunities for innovation and integration of new technologies, particularly artificial intelligence, to improve your company’s overall performance.

Scoping your needs is a crucial stage, where we work closely with your teams to clearly define the objectives and expectations for each prototype. This scoping phase ensures that each proposed solution meets your specific needs, while incorporating the latest technological advances to stimulate innovation and enhance your company’s agility.

To guide the development of each prototype, we set up carefully constructed KPIs (key performance indicators). These KPIs are aligned with your strategic objectives, integrating precise measures linked to innovation, technology, artificial intelligence, performance, agility and automation. They serve as a compass to measure the success of each prototype, ensuring significant progress towards your overall strategic objectives.

When you choose our Innovation Lab, you opt for a strategic, personalized approach, integrating prototypes thoughtfully into your operating environment. We’re committed to harnessing the power of innovation, technology and artificial intelligence to boost your company’s performance, enhance its agility and automate key processes. Together, we shape your company’s future with innovative and creative solutions.

Rapid, affordable prototype production

Our creative and technological laboratory stands out for its rapid and affordable production of prototypes, giving your company a significant competitive edge. Speed of execution remains at the heart of our approach, ensuring tangible results in record time to position you at the forefront of technological innovation.

Our seasoned experts guide you every step of the way, pushing the boundaries of innovation, technology and artificial intelligence. By adopting a tool-agnostic approach, we eliminate all technological constraints, offering the flexibility to integrate the latest advances, thus strengthening your company’s agility.

Our laboratory’s competitive advantage also lies in its economic positioning. By maintaining attractive prices, we ensure that the exceptional quality of our prototypes does not translate into prohibitive costs. We offer innovative and affordable solutions to keep your business at the forefront of technological evolution.

When you choose our innovation laboratory, you benefit from enhanced competitiveness thanks to state-of-the-art prototypes, designed quickly and at attractive costs. We believe that accessibility to technological excellence should be a major asset for every business, and our commitment to fast, cost-effective solutions is testament to our determination to strengthen your competitive position in the ever-changing technology marketplace. Teaming up with us means choosing uncompromising innovation, tailored to your budget, to keep your business at the forefront of the industry.

Test & Learn approach

Our approach is based on Test & Learn, underlining our determination to adopt an agile and iterative approach to guarantee the success of each prototype. This method enables us to adapt quickly and effectively to team feedback, putting innovation, technology and artificial intelligence at the heart of our continuous improvement process.

We set up regular check-ins with your teams, creating a collaborative environment where all feedback is taken into account. This approach promotes performance, as it enables instant feedback, quickly adjusting prototypes to meet your company’s specific requirements.

A key benefit of our Test & Learn approach is the significant reduction in the number of errors when scaling up. By identifying and rectifying areas for improvement with each iteration, we ensure that the full-scale implementation phase runs smoothly, fully integrating the agility and automation needed to guarantee the ongoing success of your technology initiatives.

By opting for our innovation laboratory, you are investing in a Test & Learn approach that places innovation, technology and artificial intelligence at the service of your company’s performance. This agile approach favors adaptability, minimizing errors and maximizing opportunities for continuous improvement. We’re committed to propelling your business to the forefront of innovation, making each iteration a step towards technological excellence and sustainable success.

Escape from technological opportunism

In our innovatio Lab, our fourth commitment is to avoid technological opportunism, embodying our commitment to pragmatic, value-added solutions for your business. Our selective approach ensures that only the most relevant and beneficial prototypes for you and your organization are deployed, eliminating the risk of obsolescence and constant change. By using data and performance to guide our decisions, we ensure that every technological choice is aligned with your strategic objectives. This approach considerably reduces the risk associated with untargeted technological initiatives, placing innovation, technology and artificial intelligence at the service of your company’s performance. Our commitment to a data-driven approach enables us to gain an in-depth understanding of your organization’s specific needs, eliminating any superfluous elements in the deployment of prototypes. This strategy promotes agility by reducing process complexity and maximizing automation efficiency, ensuring that every prototype deployed makes a significant contribution to your success. By choosing our innovation laboratory, you’re opting for a thoughtful, performance-driven approach. We’re determined to eliminate technological opportunism by promoting solutions that have a real impact on your business. Our commitment to relevance, data and performance reflects our determination to place technological innovation at the heart of your future success, while minimizing the associated risks. Teaming up with us means choosing technology that makes sense and propels your business towards excellence.

Our approach


Analyze your technological maturity, understand your organization’s internal processes and concrete needs, then cross-reference them with potential solutions to be implemented to meet your business objectives.


Produce a prototype to provide a targeted response to the need, and decide on potential adjustments or deployments


Scale up prototypes and mock-ups, measure key KPIs and support teams through the change process

Our tools

Use cases

Manage work-study placements in real time by linking B2B and B2C data systems

Create a disruptive, fun Metaverse experience to encourage purchase during a product launch.

Automate and extend the scope of competitive intelligence using artificial intelligence