LumApps, our new partner in employee experience!

At Baker Park, we firmly believe that the future of business performance lies in a deep understanding of the customer and employee experience, fueled by data and AI…. That’s why we work on the employee experience as a customer experience.

To accelerate our drive to improve the employee experience, we’re delighted to announce our strategic partnership with LumApps, the first AI-based intranet solution that will transform the way your teams work, collaborate and grow.

Employee experience at the heart of your strategy

Now more than ever, the employee experience is at the heart of HR issues: engagement, productivity and retention are all challenges faced by companies. At Baker Park, we help our customers to (re)design the employee experience. For us, being a LumApps partner means a powerful synergy that puts tools at the service of people.

Technology at the service of the employee experience

LumApps is the first AI-powered intranet solution to centralize communications and tools for all employees, driving engagement, productivity and retention. With its comprehensive suite of features (such as news publishing, platform integration, document management and personalized content delivery), LumApps offers a unique approach to the employee experience.

By combining our expertise in employee experience and AI with this solution, we’ll be able to help our customers optimize and improve their employee experience.

Find out more:

To find out more about our partnership with LumApps and the benefits it offers your company, please contact us or visit our dedicated page on our website. Together, let’s build the future of the employee experience!

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