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Customer and employee experience design to enhance your performance

As experience design experts at Baker Park and members of the global @Service Design Network, we place the principles of service design at the heart of our approach to creating impactful experiences for our customers. But what is service design and why is it essential today?

Service design s is an approach that aims to design optimal experiences at every point of physical, digital or human contact between a user and a service. The aim is to enhance satisfaction and value for end-users, whether customers, employees or users of public services, by improving the efficiency and relevance of the services developed. And yet, despite its many advantages, many French organizations are still unaware of service design!

At Baker Park, we firmly believe that this can transform the way companies interact with their customers, and dramatically improve their long-term performance. By adopting an end-user-centric approach, we are able to design services that give our customers a competitive edge. Here are some of the founding principles we apply:

  • User research: we conduct in-depth audits of users’ needs, expectations and behaviors to design appropriate solutions.
  • Consideration of deployable business resources: we assess internal resources and capabilities to ensure the feasibility and sustainability of the proposed solutions.
  • Co-construction with users and stakeholders: we design our solutions in collaboration with stakeholders to ensure that they understand and support the project.
  • Prototyping and testing: finally, our @Baker Lab branch develops prototypes and tests them with users for validation before final implementation.

Committed to promoting service design and its benefits to French organizations, our teams are members of the Service Design Network, a recognized worldwide network of service design professionals.

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