• construct the effort of producing and delivering the employee experience, as well as how employees feel about the experience
  • analyze current business and operational employee experience data to quantify the effort and investment related to the employee experience
  • conduct a review of the HR Tech tools used and the coverage of needs
  • synthesize and prioritize opportunities with all stakeholders
  • develop and co-construct a target experience based on prioritized opportunities

Our methodology

  • carrying out business/collaborator interviews and mapping of the employee experience
  • collection of existing data and identification of pain points/love points, reconciliation of engagement study results, mapping of Employee Journey tools and applications
  • elaboration of an opportunity matrix and workshops for co-construction and prioritization of opportunities
  • creation of a roadmap for 2023
  • redesign and prototyping of the most overdue experience stages for testing and implementation
  • construction of a dashboard to manage business and operational indicators of the employee experience for HR teams and managers


  • turnover rate
  • employee performance
  • employee career longevity

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