• target the audience of our client Benefit, a major international cosmetics company: Gen Z, interest in beauty or tech
  • identify and build the digital experience for this audience
  • create a universe in the Metaverse, branded specifically for the brand

Our methodology

  • conduct scoping workshops to understand the issues and objectives of this campaign
  • familiarize the client with the web3 and metaverse environment
  • build a UI/UX experience
    develop, thanks to a technical team, the web and metaverse experience
  • test and optimize
    set up metrics to monitor the operation
  • deploy in 5 countries and make it accessible worldwide

Link to the webapp: https://benefit-metabrow.com/
Link to the space in the Metaverse (2 connected spaces): https://spatial.io/s/BENEFIT-DISCO-632189556be3db00011499b9?share=1726297398858637139


  • number of visitors
  • number of visitors in the Metaverse
  • % of conversion

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